Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Bed Harp

I have my 'Bed Harp' at the stage where it now plays and seems to hold its tune. I had so many problems with this. It is built with a soft wood, and so the tension on the strings bends the wood, which throws all the other strings out of tune. I kept adding braces, butt then other weaker pieces of wood would start to bend. I think I finally have it now, as I was able to play it earlier today. I wanted to keep the harp area as clear as possible so that you can see through the bed at the player - that's the tough part, since there is no sound board to give the instrument strength. So far so good, I need to put a damper pedal on it, and somehow raise it so the player can stand rather than have to sit.

Constructing the Bed Harp

The Bed Harp from the front

The Bed Harp underside. Difficult to see the thin strings

The Bed Harp underside

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