Sunday, May 3, 2015

Gathering More Junk

Driving home we noticed someone had put out an old rotting wodden staircase as free wood. I couldn't pass it up. Nikki helped me bring it home. I have since used almost every piece of it!

I went to Tsawwassen the weekend everyone put out their 'junk' to be picked up by the city. This isn't necessarily garbage, it is unused items that people want to throw away. I drove home with a truck load of 'junk' for the show.

Then I found someone on Craigslist who was selling 4" PVC sewer tubing. I need 100 feet to build a large tube instrument. So Nikki and I went out to Maple Ridge to pick it up.

I got it home and washed, cut all the tubes and tuned them, and found that ... well ... it just isn't enough to satisfy my vision. So I am going back to Maple Ridge to get another 100 feet tomorrow.

Cutting tubes using a mitre box I built to get the cuts right

Nikki calculating how much tubing I'll need
on our way to Maple Ridge to pick up the tubes

Tuning the tubes

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