Monday, August 31, 2015

Rebuilding the Trash Set (Drums)

I wanted to give our drummer a larger palette of sound to play with, so I have rebuilt the Trash Set. The toms sound much better as I have used a technique which includes packing tape to create drum heads. I built a hi-hat using pot lids and the post from a lamp. Selecting the proper pot lids is quite a feat and required many hours walking through garage sales and thrift shops with a drum stick, tapping on various lids and metals, looking for the right resonances. I found lids that will serve the purpose well. The Trash Set now includes many new toms, a barbeque, my new hi-hat, a snare drum made from a water jug filled with pennies, and the floor tom is made from a large old leaf container. Other parts of the set use skis, golf clubs, a bicycle, dryer ducting, an old radiator and the shell of an old computer.

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