Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Writing the Show

The show is mostly written now, it has morphed into a musical (from a 'music show' of instruments). The theme revolves around - you guessed it - junk. If you think about it, a junkpile is really a pile of history. Every piece has a story - the ragged doll, all the greeting cards that mark the years of someone's life, the old photographs in frames. Everything has a story. So that is one theme. Also, a junkpile is a dreamland - you can use junk to make believe anything you want. You can take a ride in a Ferrari if you want - whatever you imagine, is there. That's another theme. And of course, the overriding recycling theme, and can the earth withstand all the junk in the landfills.

This photo below is one of my most inspirational writing moments. I wrote a lot of the musical in Vietnam and Cambodia. This photo is in the overgrown temple of Ta Prom in Cambodia. This photo is quite telling - writing a musical about what junk is doing to our world - amidst one of the most beautiful parts of the earth I have ever seen!

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