Friday, August 1, 2014

Fun Day at the Scrapyard

I went to the scrapyard and asked the guy if he sells scrap, not just buys and crushes it. He asked what I needed. Said I didn't know until I saw it. So he told me to take a hardhat and vest and walk around the yard, to have a look around. So I did - OMG, a kid in a candy store! So much scrap, so many possibilities! So I bought a bunch of stuff, including a kitchen sink. I have an idea for a new drum set that will make better use of the amazing talents of our drummer.

I finished writing the show this month. At our next rehearsal this Sunday I'll get these songs out of my head and into reality and see how they sound. We contacted the press this week, sent out brochures and press releases. Posters will get put up next week throughout the city.

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