Thursday, February 6, 2014

Looking for Resonance

I think Home Depot is getting perturbed, having me comb their aisles with a drumstick in hand, tapping on various items to see what makes a resonant sound. I've built a few more instruments, mostly percussive, which I'll put in a video soon. It's interesting finding items that sound unique but still have a focused enough resonance that it sounds more tonal than noise.

I have an idea about making an upright bass using a basketball hoop with a yet-to-be-determined resonating chamber. I found a derelict basketball post and backboard laying in a heap in the back of a church. I emailed the pastor asking whether it was garbage and if I could have it. They said sure. So my wife and I drove up with some tools and started taking it apart. I neglected to tell her I asked permission, and of course, she wanted no part of stealing, particularly from a church. I just kept saying "Shhh, keep it quiet". Anyway, we got the hoop. Now to find a resonating chamber good enough for a bass sound. I acquired a set of used bass strings from an instrument repair facility, so I am getting there.

My good friend Brad from the Dunbar Haunted House graciously added some 'junk' to my pile as he dismantles his project. One piece is a nice old oven which has a great metallic sound.

I look at junk piles quite differently now. Everything I see makes a sound in my mind - the question is whether the sound fits with the other sounds I'm putting together. My garage is getting full!

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